All bathing and grooming prices include the following services: Nails clipped or filed, ears cleaned and plucked, minor matts removed, pads shaved, feet trimmed, 

sanitary trims, glands expressed, high quality shampoos and conditioners, full blow out and brush. Baths start at $20, and Full cuts start at $50. WE DO NOT USE HEATED CAGE DRYERS. ALL PETS ARE HAND DRIED. We do not 'brush out' matts, we remove them. We do what is most comfortable for the pet, and make suggestions for how often you should return to keep them maintained . If your pet is overly aggressive, some items may be skipped, but we will notify you. If your dog is nervous, please schedule an appointment at 2pm, when there is less action in the Spa. Please bring your pet in for an exact quote. Notes are kept, and the same groomer every time allows you the ease of knowing the same cut will be performed every time.

Please bring your pet in for an exact quote. Senior and special

needs dogs may cost more due to extra time needed.

Baths start at $20

 Full cut starts at $50

       Here at Wagging Tailz, we take pride in letting the dogs have free roam over the shop. (We have double gates to keep all our friends safe) We are a spa and lounge for dogs; we take care of their skin, nails, and hair (Filing, trimming, and using hot oil treatments, oatmeal baths and facials when appropriate), and also provide a social place where dogs can take a break from their beauty routine and catch up on the latest neighborhood gossip of who chased the mail man last week. Our appointments last between 1-3 hours,(we are appointment only) so please schedule accordingly to return when your pet is looking for their ride home. We have very limited kennel spaces, so if your dog is not used to the grooming process, we may have to refer you to a regular grooming salon to take care of their needs. We are usually booked out about 2 weeks, more for holiday months. We can only accept dogs that can be tolerant of other dogs, since we strive to maintain a calm, spa-type setting that our clients truly enjoy. How do we know? Because their Tailz are Wagging, of course! 

  All prices are for pets in fair condition. Extra matting charges are $10-$20 more.

                       Bath    Trim     Cut                      Extra Spa Features

Toy (under 10 lbs) $20+   $30+    $50+                 $5: Teeth brushing, Facials,

Small Dogs     $25+   $40+    $55+                or Hot Oil Treatment (dry skin)  

Med Dogs       $35+   $50+    $65+                                                                                          

Since we maintain a low number of clients each day, our schedule no longer permits hand scissoring. Our trims include the head, feet, and tail, OR the feathers on the legs and belly. Any trimming on the body needs to be with the clippers at a half of an inch or less.

***Walk-in Nails, Dog or Cat, clipped or filed only $10

No overly aggressive pets, please.

We are usually booked 2 weeks ahead, more for holiday months.