Baths start at $35

 Full cut starts at $65   *Cash or Check Only*

       Here at Wagging Tailz, we take pride in letting the dogs have free roam over our small shop. (We have double gates to keep all our friends safe) We are a spa and lounge for dogs; we take care of their skin, nails, and hair (Filing, trimming, and using hot oil treatments, oatmeal baths and facials for each client), and also provide a social place where dogs can take a break from their beauty routine. We only have 2 people here; Kristie and Brandon, a Mother/Son duo, so that we can build a long relationship with you and your best friend. Our appointments last between 1/2 - 2 hours depending on your services requested, (we are appointment only) so please schedule accordingly to return when your pet is looking for their ride home. We close at 4pm, and we are a cash or check only small business. We are usually booked out about a week, more for holiday months. We can only accept dogs that can be tolerant of other dogs, since we strive to maintain a calm, spa-type setting that our clients truly enjoy. How do we know? Because their Tailz are Wagging, of course! 

Please bring your dog(s) in for a Meet and Greet anytime from 9am-2pm Tuesday - Saturday

for any new clients to make sure we are a

good fit for you both!

We can give you a price quote and

schedule you an appointment at that time. 

       All bathing and grooming prices include the following services, as long as your dog isn't too stressed or aggressive:

-Nails clipped or filed (We prefer to file them)

-Ears cleaned

-Pads shaved

-Feet trimmed

-Sanitary and bottom trimmed

-Glands expressed

-Sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners (We always wash your dog at least 2 times, first with an aloe and oatmeal base, followed up with a second moisturizing wash, then a conditioner or hot oil treatment!)

-Full blow out, brushing and/or thorough combing 

        Baths start at $35, and Full cuts start at $65. All cuts are by a Master Groomer with over 20 years of experience, all body lengths will be at 1/2" or less unless you are a monthly client. Please stop by anytime before 2pm for an exact price quote, we are unable to give those over the phone because of all the variables involved with each individual dog.

‚Äč      Large Doodles and Standard Poodles (over 40 lbs) start at $150 (Up to $250 for matted coats) for the full works, I only take one per day unless they come from the same family, so we are usually booked out 2+ weeks for their appointments. 

          We only work on dogs that get groomed regularly (used to the bath and blow dryer, whether professionally or by you) so that the grooming process is a normal part of their lifestyle. If your dog is nervous, please schedule an appointment at 2pm, when there is less action in the Spa.