PLEASE for your pets safety, VISIT A NEW GROOMER BEFORE MAKING AN APPOINTMENT!! We know of  a few groomers in the area that DO NOT CLEAN their shops or equipment! The bathing areas are dirty/moldy, and the floors NEVER get mopped! We have recently had a few clients tell us HORROR stories about dogs who have passed away from infection due to getting cut at their groomers. Equipment needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid this. PLEASE, CHECK THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR BEST FRIEND ALONE WITH SOMEONE!! The cheapest price MAY NOT be cheaper if a vet visit is required after grooming!! Our pets have no voice, they DEPEND on us to keep them safe!

Thank you and we hope you have a wonderful grooming experience!

Meet Our Groomers

  When it comes to caring for your best friend, we have the professionals  you have been looking for! Kristie and Brandon are a Mother/Son team, and Kristie has built a dedicated clientele for 15 years here in the Arden area. In order to maintain a great relationship with our clients, she will always be the only groomer you see!! We do have our family assist us at the shop, but we are the only two that do any cutting or bathing of your best friend.  We are trained in ALL areas of grooming, but our schedule only allows pet clips, we do not offer any hand scissor clipping for all over cuts.  All our visits include the hygienic necessities, such as nail filing and glands, with no extra charges. We want your pet leaving here feeling brand new after their spa day!

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